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We are an experienced multidisciplinary branding, marketing and advertising company based in Toronto founded in 1997. We help small and medium size companies with integrated branding strategies, produce right tactics and tools to build strong brands. We provide turn-key solutions with full life cycle support to our clients to meet all their goals and objectives.

A Guide to Developing a Successful Brand Architecture

A Guide to Developing a Successful Brand Architecture

The foundation of any successful branding strategy is the brand architecture, that is, the foundation for all the key components of your brand. Ultimately, a comprehensive brand architecture should align your brand’s personality traits, processes, goals, story, and visual and operational requirements into one unified structure.

Consider brand architecture as a manufacturing facility with different departments, each designed to fulfill a specific task of the overall manufacturing cycle. Once a department completes a task, it moves on to the next department, and so on. This continues until all tasks are completed to create final product. In order to complete each step and eventually achieve the final goal, the entire cycle must be managed and refined on an ongoing basis.

The brand architecture process can be applied to branding products, services, and even existing companies. Using a holistic marketing and branding approach tailored to you can help your business grow. It took us 18 years to perfect this marketing system that we use for all our clients. Here are the five steps to developing a successful brand architecture. 

1) Brand Foundation / Positioning 

As the first step of the brand architecture process, brand Foundation/positioning is designed to realizing a solution to every challenge that you encounter. To achieve this, you will need to pinpoint the exact requirements of both long and short-term goals. Here, you will detail a complete strategy for achieving these goals, including necessary innovations, tools, tactics, technology, and systems. 

2) Brand Experience & Engagement 

This step can be best defined as creating brand experience and engagement that will resonate with your customers. It is important to point out that this step does not have to be done all at once; it can be done in various phases. Ultimately, you are trying to cultivate a complete brand experience that your customers will fall in love with. Key components include developing a brand identity, brand voice, online experience, social media, marketing collaterals, CRM (customer relationship management), and videos.

3) Leads Generation Process (Marketing & Advertising)

In this third step, you will devise a fluid marketing campaign to generate leads. This is why it is crucial for your brand experience is be fully realized before you go on to generate these leads. Key components include digital advertising, conventional advertising, events and webinars, email marketing, royalty/rewards programs, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), and geotargeting.

4) Convince & Convert Process

Once your leads are generated, you need to convert them so that your prospective customers will take action. These include customers buying your product, visiting your office, calling for a quote, and downloading a low-risk tool such as a guide. Other key components of this area include sales funnels, landing pages, opt-in email program, and online forms.

5) Grow Business

In this final step, you are working to fully realize the ultimate goal as you continue to grow your business. 


If you need any help with branding positioning, brand strategy, lead generation, social media advertising, and visual branding let us know. We would be happy to provide you our insights. 



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